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Something new to add- watercraft!

Where’s the wheel you say?  On the trailer, hauling vehicle and trolly cart to get some of these to the water.  My wife was not putting miles on her Spyder so we discussed selling it.  The day I got around t posting it I looked at the watercraft section of craigslist and there’s were 2 high end Yamaha Waverunners and a Triton Elite trailer.  They said they were open to trades so I said what the hell and sent off a message.  They quickly replied, said they were interested and came over with the Waverunners.  After a bit of checking out each other’s machines we shook hands and made a deal.

This past spring the wife and I bought a vacation home in western Maryland overlooking the Deep Creek Lake.  Apart from having a few inflatable paddle boards we didn’t own any water toys.  The vacation home has a 1 car garage that is extra deep.  It can hold all the toys, I thought.  Soon after taking possession of the Waverunners I panicked wondering if the trailer will fit in the garage.  I had our property manager measure and we have almost 2 inches to spare.  It took a few weeks to get the titles transfered and watercraft registrations back.  We then hauled them out to the lakehouse and carefully backed them into the garage.  Wife and I were both sick during this trip and the weather was gloomy so we did not get the Waverunners out on the water yet.

In the meantime I’ve been craving something to use for fishing closer to home.  Since most of the waterways in the area are smaller lakes with no gas engine rules a kayak or canoe was the logical choice.  More about the research, decisions and what I ended up doing after it was all done.

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