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X-Creen Sport Windshield Deflector Added to F3 BlueRidge Shield



When I purchased my Spyder F3-S I knew I wanted a windshield based on my experience with my 09 RS.  I opted for the Blueridge windshield offered by CanAm.  After the first few 100 miles I realized it was not quite enough to keep the wind from throwing my helmet around.  Rather than replacing the entire shield with something ugly I tried the X-creen Sport Windshield Extender and am pleased with the result.  It eliminated the wind issues completely and looks like it was made for the Spyder.

Where I am unhappy with the shield are 2 areas-
1. The shield is made of an easily scratched polycarbonate material.  It wont crack or shatter but it easily scratches as you can see in the last picture below.

2. The adjustability mechanism is messed up on one side of my X-Screen to the point it is so difficult to twist it seems like it may break before it moves.  This is the mechanism that came pre-assembled and taking it apart and trying to free it up does nothing.  Thankfully I have it adjusted to where I want and I don’t need to adjust it anymore.  Still, this and the scratching are really disappointing for a $120 product.


xcreen3 xscreen2

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