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BRP Diagnostic Kit- BUDS Ownership

Any Spyder owner knows, or will find out, their Spyder is a highly sophisticated machine with a computer controlled system that manages the systems of your machine.  In order to “talk” to your Spyder BRP shops use the BRP Diagnostic Kit including a software package called BRP Utility and Diagnostic Software or (BUDS).  The kit includes:

  1. MPI-3 Interface (main unit, is used for diagnosis of all BRP vehicles)
  2. Diagnostic Cable (for connection of MPI-3 Interface to 4-TEC/E-TEC vehicles)
  3. Most recent BRP B.U.D.S software
  4. License for BUDS Software


There is a misconception that you cannot own the software and interface if you are not an authorized BRP dealer.  This is simply not true.  The “Right to Repair” movement that challenges manufactures from keeping owners from self-repair or using a non-manufacturer endorsed shops has consistently been successful in forcing manufacturers to access these systems on vehicles they own.  A number of states in the US have introduced or passed legislation to make this the law and a federal, bi-partisan effort for a US wide policy is in the works.  Outside of the US there are already strong protections in place giving individuals and independent techs the right and means to access the vehicles interface.  You can’t call up BRP or visit your local dealer and by a copy of BUDS and the interface cables.   I have only found one reliable source for the software and connection kit.  They are an international company and ship worldwide.  The kit comes in a few different configurations and prices depending on the license type and duration and interfaces.

You first need to consider your license type.  At minimum you will want the Spyder Roadster license and you can go as far as licensing for all BRP vehicles (which could also require additional interface cables).  You then determine the license period.  Your license will only work for the duration it is purchased for and you will have to buy an updated license key when it expires.  With the license there are two other options- standard BUDS or Megatech which has advanced features dealers do not get access to.  I didn’t find anything from the Megatech offering useful so I went with the standard and a Spyder only license for 1 year.  My intent is to take advantage of multi year renewal discounts next year when I need to renew.

BUDS requires a computer running a supported Windows operating system and has system requirements so low that it will run on any computer available to you.  I installed mine on an old 11″ Windows 7 laptop so I can easily transport it and the interface cables on my Spyder.  Since the laptop had no CD drive I needed to copy what was on the disk to a flash drive and install from there.  install of the drivers and BUDS software was quick and easy.  I then brought everything down to my garage and plugged it in.  Works perfect, is legally mine and a welcomed tool to my Spyder garage.


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