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New Wheels- Razor Electric Scooter

My son turned 8 a few days ago.  One of his many presents was a Razor 100 Electric Scooter.  The 100 model is the most basic electric scooter they currently offer.  As far as I can tell it is only available in one color- red and has a maximum speed of 10 mph.  The handle bars are not adjustable and the controls are basic.  The Razor 100 has a simple squeeze brake on the front wheel and a  simple twist switch to activate the electric motor.

To ride the Razor Scooter charge the battery.  Ours was pretty well charged when received and only needed topping off.  The scooter has a power switch near the charging port that illuminates when on.  Toggle it to on, flip up the kickstand, jump on and give it a push off.  Since the throttle is actually just an on/off  switch any twist of it will activate the electric motor once the scooter begins to roll from your push off.  It rolls quite well from the motor even moving my 165 pounds down the street at a good clip.  It only bogged down when I tried to ride up a.Hill- it slowed but still moved.

My 8 year old rode the same incline and had no hesitation at all.  He rode for over an hour on the first charge and never saw a decline in the drive.  When he was done ridding he plugged it back into the charger until his next play session.  I am very happy with this scooter and he is overjoyed wi it.

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