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New Spyder Services offered by The Other Wheel

In addition to the being the only provider of Laser Alignments I now offer other services including:

Install of ceramic balance beads. 2oz in each front wheel and 3oz in rear. Removal of existing wheel weight and inflation to tire PSI specs. $40 B.U.D.S. hookup, code review, and reset. Printout if available at location. $10 […]

X-Creen Sport Windshield Deflector Added to F3 BlueRidge Shield



When I purchased my Spyder F3-S I knew I wanted a windshield based on my experience with my 09 RS. I opted for the Blueridge windshield offered by CanAm. After the first few 100 miles I realized it was not quite enough to keep the wind from throwing my helmet around. Rather than […]

Increasing the Spyder F3 Storage Capabilities for $75

In my Spyder F3 writeup I was very critical of the limited storage of the Spyder. I found a cheap, good quality and versatile storage add-on for my Spyder F3 in the Dowco Rally Pack Luggage System for only $75. Do not get confused by the “4 piece” description- it is really just 2 pieces […]

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