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What I’ve learned after performing a few dozen Spyder laser alignments

With over 2 dozen Spyder laser alignments under my belt I have made a few interesting observations:

Only 50% of Spyders I’ve seen have matching tire pressures (<0.5 psi difference) on the front wheels. Non matching pressures can lead to pulling to one side, excessive tire wear, poor turning, etc. 15% of the Spyders have […]

New Spyder Services offered by The Other Wheel

In addition to the being the only provider of Laser Alignments I now offer other services including:

Install of ceramic balance beads. 2oz in each front wheel and 3oz in rear. Removal of existing wheel weight and inflation to tire PSI specs. $40 B.U.D.S. hookup, code review, and reset. Printout if available at location. $10 […]

BRP Diagnostic Kit- BUDS Ownership

Any Spyder owner knows, or will find out, their Spyder is a highly sophisticated machine with a computer controlled system that manages the systems of your machine. In order to “talk” to your Spyder BRP shops use the BRP Diagnostic Kit including a software package called BRP Utility and Diagnostic Software or (BUDS). The kit […]