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Lamonster Garage Wheel Balancers Review

The newly available Lamonster Garage Approved Wheel Balacers are one of the few must have accessories for your Can-Am Spyder.  Two critical factors on ride performance and comfort are centered on the wheels of the Spyder- alignment and balance.  Alignment of the drive belt, belt vibration and properly aligned wheels go a long way in transforming a rumble-ride to an “on rails” feel.

However, none of these overcome issues with wheel/tire balance.  Spyder are delivered from the factory with the 3 wheels spin balanced.  You can tell from the addition of stick on weights to the rims. This certainly helps with bounce but I can assure you probably see vibration in your mirrors or simply by looking at the front wheel fenders when riding.  There are different options you can try such as- new wheels, new tires, Ride-On, balance beads, etc.  I know because over the years I have tried every singl one.

So when I saw posts for the Lamonster Garage Approved Wheel Balacers I was a bit skeptical.  Of course I ordered them anyway.  I just ordered the set for the front and they arrived in a few days.  The two bags each held a metal circle with a sealed channel running along the outside edge.  Inside the ring are 3 holes that align with your wheel bolts.  Install is as easy as raising the front end of the Spyder, pulling the wheels, placing the balancers over the 3 wheel mounting bolts and putting the wheels back on.

I assumed you would need to get up to some degree of speed to have any effect but I noticed a dramatic difference on my suburban street where the speed limit 25 and the speed bumps make sure you abide. To describe it as “riding on glass” is not a stretch in any way.  This really was a game changing add-on.  The year of development that went into these was time well spent.

From now on my recommendation for new Spyder owners is a laser alignment AND Lamonster Garage Approved Wheel Balacers.

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