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Johnny Pag Barhog Roller Price Reduction








For those following my Johnny Pag Barhog Roller project and have the desire to start their own you’re in luck.  JP has reduced the price of the rollers from $1500 shipped to $1200 + $170 shipping.  Just remember- even though it says just add engine you will need brake setup for front and rear and quite a bit of work to get the electronics hooked up.

Johnny Pag Barhog Roller


Welcome to The Other Wheel

Welcome, the other wheel originates with my obsession- an obsession with odd, fun wheeled things! As I get older my obsession has evolved into even more exotic realms. I’ve owned a 2009 special edition “Phantom” Can-Am Spyder Roadster for a bit over a year now. It’s a beautiful, fast and mean sounding 3 wheeled motorcycle that grabs attention everywhere I take it.

my spyder

my Spyder


I’ve been asked “where is the other wheel?”. I now have an answer- sort of… I have many “other wheels”. I consider the Spyder an other wheel (from my boring car), I have a MagicWheel bike, a Dirtsurfer, a few products from Razor and will soon be a US Distributor of the Solowheel.

my Magic Wheel

my Magic Wheel

I can’t wait to be asked where the other wheel is and be able to pull out a Solowheel, flip down the foot stands, jump on, roll away and shout “right here!”.


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