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Welcome to The Other Wheel

Welcome, the other wheel originates with my obsession- an obsession with odd, fun wheeled things! As I get older my obsession has evolved into even more exotic realms. I’ve owned a 2009 special edition “Phantom” Can-Am Spyder Roadster for a bit over a year now. It’s a beautiful, fast and mean sounding 3 wheeled motorcycle that grabs attention everywhere I take it.

my spyder

my Spyder


I’ve been asked “where is the other wheel?”. I now have an answer- sort of… I have many “other wheels”. I consider the Spyder an other wheel (from my boring car), I have a MagicWheel bike, a Dirtsurfer, a few products from Razor and will soon be a US Distributor of the Solowheel.

my Magic Wheel

my Magic Wheel

I can’t wait to be asked where the other wheel is and be able to pull out a Solowheel, flip down the foot stands, jump on, roll away and shout “right here!”.


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