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What I’ve learned after performing a few dozen Spyder laser alignments

With over 2 dozen Spyder laser alignments under my belt I have made a few interesting observations:

  • Only 50% of Spyders I’ve seen have matching tire pressures (<0.5 psi difference) on the front wheels.  Non matching pressures can lead to pulling to one side, excessive tire wear, poor turning, etc.
  • 15% of the Spyders have off center steering sensor reading before any alignment actions.
  • around 20% of the Spyders have had some error code(s) in BUDS history
  • no belt adjustments have been needed
  • 100% of the Spyders seen have needed alignment adjustments
  • perdicting how long it will take is a fools bet- you never know until you’re done.
  • 100% of the Spyder owners are pleasant!

Solar LED Wheel Lights for any Can-Am Spyder for under $20

When you see something really cool for your Spyder the 1st question is “how much?”.  This either turns into a BUY or thanks but no thanks.  When I first saw LED wheel lights for the Spyder the 2nd was my reaction (at $200 for special finish and shipping).  Then I found these:LED Wheel Lights

Delivered from China in about 3 weeks the lights arrived in good condition.  Only a set of 4 (for a car) was offered and for much more than they sell for now.  They had a partial charge to the battery so testing can be done right away.  An adjustment to the prongs was needed to fit the Spyder wheel center.  Then 4 retainer clips and a ring are snapped into place and the light is ready to install.  The most tricky part of the install is removing the existing whee caps.  I have a small suction cup I use to get a grip on the gap and use a plastic wedge to pry the stock cap off.  Then its just a matter of pushing the Solar LED into the hub.

Each unit has one control button to test the unit and change the color mode.  Otherwise the light will auto-activate to its last mode when it detects low light conditions AND movement.  If either of these conditions stop for 30 seconds the LEDs turn off.

Battery charge time is stated as 3 hours of sun exposure.  I’ve not tested this or how long they last until they shutdown from battery depletion.  The lights are rated as waterproof and have been put through 1 bucket and hose washing with no issue.

The look of these is good.  They are all plastic bodies and the top surface is chrome finished.  Black would have been a better choice but this is not an available option.  I may cut a carbon fiber vinyl skin for mine to match my styling of my F3 at some point.

Video demo that really does not do these lights full justice but its the best video available.

Click below to buy via Amazon.  Remember you need 2- 1 for each wheel.

Solar LED Wheel Lights for any Can-Am Spyder for under $20


I also sell pre-tested, assembled and adjusted for the Spyder sets of 2 units in The Other Wheel Store.

New Spyder Services offered by The Other Wheel

In addition to the being the only provider of Laser Alignments I now offer other services including:

  • Install of ceramic balance beads.  2oz in each front wheel and 3oz in rear.  Removal of existing wheel weight and inflation to tire PSI specs.  $40
  • B.U.D.S. hookup, code review, and reset.  Printout if available at location. $10
  • LED lights install*.
  • Vinyl skin application*.
  • Accessory installs*.

* Prices vary depending on complexity and time spent on job.  Call or message for a quote.

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