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Lamonster Garage Wheel Balancers Review

The newly available Lamonster Garage Approved Wheel Balacers are one of the few must have accessories for your Can-Am Spyder. Two critical factors on ride performance and comfort are centered on the wheels of the Spyder- alignment and balance. Alignment of the drive belt, belt vibration and properly aligned wheels go a long way in […]

What I’ve learned after performing a few dozen Spyder laser alignments

With over 2 dozen Spyder laser alignments under my belt I have made a few interesting observations:

Only 50% of Spyders I’ve seen have matching tire pressures (<0.5 psi difference) on the front wheels. Non matching pressures can lead to pulling to one side, excessive tire wear, poor turning, etc. 15% of the Spyders have […]

Solar LED Wheel Lights for any Can-Am Spyder for under $20

When you see something really cool for your Spyder the 1st question is “how much?”. This either turns into a BUY or thanks but no thanks. When I first saw LED wheel lights for the Spyder the 2nd was my reaction (at $200 for special finish and shipping). Then I found these:

Delivered from China […]

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